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Mencl Guss, Ltd. – a steel ductile and gray cast iron foundry

Mencl Guss, Ltd. is a registered company since 2005. The foundry is mainly focused on the production of steel castings, however we are capable of manufacturing castings from gray and  ductile iron. We supply castings to an international client base, the automotive industry worldwide, engineering and railway industries, including the supply of agricultural machinery, tractors and equipment forges. We are able to offer single and serial production at a casting weight 3 kg to 1800 kg.

Our production methods

  • Bentonite mix - thrower, frame size: 1000 × 1200
  • Bentonite mix – Hunter molding line - serial production, frame size: 600 × 800
  • Bentonite mix - Foromat, frame size: 600 × 600, 600 × 800
  • Self-hardening mix - Furan, frame size up to: 2200 × 2200

Services offered to our customers

  • Production of patterns according to provided documentation (wooden, aluminum, resin, polystyrene)
  • Machining of the castings on CNC
  • Heat treatment
  • Material testing
  • Defectoscopic testing

Dynamic team, proven technology and high-grade material prove the good casting according to your requirements.

logo: Mencl Guss, Ltd.

Foundry location

Kratochvílova 1107
413 01  Roudnice nad Labem
Czech Republic
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Phone: +420 412 871 110,
+420 412 871 111
E-mail: info@menclguss.cz